American B52s land at RAF Fairford

The deafening sound of B52s arriving at RAF Fairford began on Monday 3rd March.  Security around the base had already been stepped up and a double band of razor wire is now surrounding much of the perimeter. People and cars are stopped and searched.  The smell of aviation fuel pervades the air.  Trucks rumble down the town roads at night taking deliveries to the American base. The peacefulness of the quiet Cotswold town has been destroyed.

The peace protesters at the Fairford Peace Camp have been inundated with journalists asking for interviews. The Gloucestershire Weapons Inspectors website gives more details of the camp. The arrival of these deadly bombers shows that the peace demonstrations of the previous weeks were well founded. There are now 14 B52s at the base.

Visitors from America are always welcome in Fairford, but please leave your bombers at home.

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With thanks to the gwi website for the pictures.