The Peace Demo at Fairford on 14th December 2002

Over 500 people marched to RAF Fairford on Saturday 14 December. The march was to protest against the probable use of the base by American planes to bomb Iraq. The base is the largest US air force base in Europe and was previously used to bomb Libya and Serbia. The march was well supported from local towns surrounding the base, such as Swindon, Oxford, Stroud and Bristol, as well as groups from as far away as Manchester and Plymouth. At the main gates, the colourful Gloucestershire Weapons Inspectors demanded access, and on being refused entry there was a rally where local peace activists, including the mayor of Stroud, pledged to return and demanded that the war not be conducted from our land. Towards the end of the march around 30 protesters broke through the perimeter fence and briefly occupied the runway.

Anyone interested in supporting similar protests should contact: Andy Newman, Secretary - Swindon Stop the War Coalition PO Box 1177 Swindon Wilts SN1 4XB tel: 01793 520903 mobile: 07764 563855 e-mail:

Above: The Demonstration winds it way along Mill Lane
Left: The Gloucestershire Weapons Inspectors.

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