updated 12 June 2002

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At last the first phase of the Fairford Regeneration Scheme is due to begin after Cotswold District Council has given 15,000 from its Capital Grants Fund. The Town Council will pay 7,000 with a further 10,000 from the County Council.

The 32,000 will provide a pavement from the Post Office to the alleyway by The Bull Hotel to increase pedestrian safety.  This means that 6 parking spaces will be lost, but there is the free car park at the top of the High Street.

Safety for those on foot will also be improved  by a rumble strip at the entrance to the Market Place from the A417 and the chevroned area near this junction will be raised to stop illegal parking.

Community Centre Appeal 

Having successfully negotiated the purchase of the Youth Centre for the Fairford community, the Town Council is now seeking funds for renovating the building. The Appeal Total is now standing at 3,325. The WI and Classic Car Club have raised 500.

Help can also be given in the form of sponsorship of  furniture, computers and other equipment. Please contact the Council Offices if you would like to help.

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There is a new flower shop in Fairford situated near the bridge on the A417.

RAF Fairford ready for action again
On 21 May there was a ceremony at RAF Fairford in which a plaque was unveiled declaring the airfield was once again ready for operations. There was also a fly-past of a USAF KC-135 tanker, an RAF VC tanker and 2 F-15 USAF fighters.

Local civic leaders, contractors and RAF and USAF personnel attended the ceremony marking the completion of the resurfacing of the 10,000 foot runway and the installation of a new fuel system.


Big business has won over environmentalists and local opposition as the Cotswold District Council Planning Committee gave approval for 160 lakeside chalets, a 100 bed Hotel and a low key 180 acre Country Park to be built between Fairford and Lechlade.

There were objections from English Nature, the RSPB, the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust, the Cotswold Water Park Society and 900 individual objectors, many of whom banded together to form the Claydon Pike Action Group.

Bowmoor lake, which is the largest in the Cotswold Water Park, is nationally and internationally important for over-wintering wildfowl and this habitat will now be ruined. Other lakes to the north east will also lose their peace and tranquility.  The plans fly in the face of the Local Plan and there are fears that the local road system will not cope. There will be decreased public access and the Country Park area has yet to be landscaped.

Interestingly the Lechlade and Fairford Town Councils did not seem to represent the views of their townsfolk and did not object. Bowmoor Sailing Club was given the carrot of a new lake to compensate for losing their old one.

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