updated 24 October 2002

Continuing Skate Park Saga

New Fairford Signs

Training Exercises at
RAF Fairford

The search for a location for the proposed 50,000 skate board park has started again.   A site behind the Sports Centre near Farmor's School had been identified, but the Town Council failed to come up with a Business Plan to present to Cotswold District Council who run the Sports Centre and Farmor's School Governors and so they were unable to comment on the proposals.

Mayor, Quentin Tailford, who has been in charge of the project has stepped down in favour of Cllr Dave Nelmes.

A questionnaire will be circulated to all residents in the next few weeks to identify the most popular location for the Skate Park. Possible sites are: The Walnut Tree Field, The Mill Lane Car Park, The Bull Island, land off St Mary's Drive, RAF Fairford and behind the Sports Centre.

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The Town Council has had 6 new 'Welcome to Fairford' signs erected at the edges of the town. Four of the metal signs cost 1,140.52 plus VAT.

Community Centre

At long last the Town Council and Parish Church are due to become the official owners of the Youth and Community Centre on 11 November. Problems with various contracts have now been resolved.  An Open Day is being planned for 23 November.

For the next few weeks the sound of aircraft noise during the day and night will be assailing Fairford residents.

About 800 US Air Force personnel will be involved in military training exercises over the coming weeks until mid November.

The exercises will include low-level flying, airdrops, mountaineering, helicopter operations and live fire field training.

According to military personnel, these exercises are in no way connected with the current world situation, but are part of routine training for peacetime as well as wartime missions.

The Fairford base re-opened this year after closure for a 60 million upgrade. The International Air Tattoo returned this year, having had to find temporary accommodation elsewhere.