Skateboard Ramp nearer realisation

Holiday village and hotel bid

Fairford Regeneration Scheme

Skateboarding in Fairford  has been a contentious issue between Market Place residents and local youth for a few years.

A proposal to site a ramp in the Walnut Tree Field was scuppered a while back. At the moment temporary provision has been made for the skateboarders behind the Youth and Community Centre.

Positive talks for a permanent skateboarding facility behind the Sports Centre have been taking place between the Ernest Cook Trust, an Educational Charity and major landowner in Fairford, and the Town Council led by Fairford's Mayor, Cllr. Quentin Tailford.

It is hoped that the facility will be open by the Spring of  2002 and local youth will be involved with the planning.






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Hansons are proposing to build 160 second homes and a 100 bedroom hotel around Bowmoor Lake between Fairford and Lechlade at Claydon Pike in a huge development covering 600 acres.. This lake is of very high Nature Conservation Value for wintering and breeding wildfowl and  the development also borders a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Both the RSPB and Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust are objecting.

The proposals also include the creation of a large new lake for Bowmoor Sailing Club and a Country Park facility when gravel extraction has finished. The new lakes, however, will take years to mature to a pleasant visual landscape.

Concern is being raised over the effect  the increased traffic will have on the already overstretched local road system, especially as the long awaited eastern spine road still seems to be years away.

Flooding and Sewage problems are also of concern.

Please note that the development  comes right up to the lake next to Thornhill Garage. It will affect Fairford!
The plans can be seen at Cotswold District Council in Cirencester and Lechlade Town Council Offices.

















Like many small market towns, Fairford has seen the number of shops fall and many have been converted to private dwellings.

In an effort to stop this decline, the Town Council have been actively setting up a regeneration scheme which has involved detailed consul;tation with local businesses and residents.

The proposed plans for town gateways and an increased 'people zone' in the Market Place outside the Bull Hotel with a few trees and open air seating have been sent to all local households for their support.

A mystery group of people have put up posters  lamenting the loss of some parking places saying it will deter pop- in shoppers, but long term parkers should make use of the free car park by the church.

Part of the regeneration plans include the acquisition of the Youth Centre by the Town Council for the people of Fairford.

Gloucestershire County Council have already ridden roughshod over local people and sold off the old Police Station and Courtroom and land on London Road needed for car parking.