Fairford Under Water

At the end of 2000 Fairford experienced its worst flooding in 40 years. Milton Street (the A417) was flooded and the road closed to traffic although some lorries ignored the traffic cones and signs and drove down the street sending waves of water over sandbags and into peoples' houses.  The River Coln flooded and the adjacent water meadows lived up to their name.  Part of the public footpath along the river walk was a swirling torrent of water, the water flooding local gardens and threatening houses.

In many areas the sewage system failed to cope and residents in Moor Lane and Courtbrook had to limit their use of water so as not to have sewage appear in their bathrooms, gardens and garages.

Check out the Environment Agency's web site for information on the local floodplains. 

Flooded Milton Street

Allotment, River Coln, Water Meadow- can you spot which is which?

Flooded A417 and water meadows

Milton Street again                                  more pictures

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