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OLDER NEWS (8th February 2007)

From 10th January onwards there was massive flooding on the application site. The Environment Agency made a site visit and realised that the developer's flood flow diagrams and drainage figures were totally wrong.

On 5th January Fairford residents gave Cotswold District Council a petition against the development signed by 1147 people. The group included members of the Environmental Society, Fairford Forward, Fairford Preservation Trust and Fairford Town Council.

OLDER NEWS (14th December 2006)

The developers have resubmitted the application. Objections must be in by 5th January 2007.

OLDER NEWS (17th November 2006):
Revised Plans have been received by Cotswold District Council. These show a reduction in the number of houses from 152 to 143, but an increase in the number of apartments from 48 to 57. The two storey apartments will be on two sides of the small, beautiful Lake 103a. The 3 storey apartments will be near the northern shore of Lake 104.
The Developers want to push ahead with the planning process and asked for the application to be heard at the Planning Committee Meeting on 22 November. However this has not materialised.
OLDER NEWS (15th August 2006):
The Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) has at long last been submitted, but the Environmental Agency is not satisfied with it and has asked for more information on drainage.
The Ministry of Defence is still concerned about bird strike.
Letters of objection from Members of the Public are still coming in and the files are overflowing. Well done everyone!
OLDER NEWS (18th July 2006):
The developers have provided some more details on the traffic the site may generate, but the flooding and drainage information is still outstanding.
The Ramblers are opposed to the development as it will introduce roads and roundabouts across the public footpaths on site.
It has been another successful year for birds breeding on the big Lake 104. There have also been lots of beautiful orchids and other wild flowers especially on the land which will disappear under roads and buildings if the developers have their way.
OLDER NEWS (30th March 2006):
The League of Friends of Fairford Hospital is NOT considering land at the application site for a replacement hospital. Another location is being pursued and the Planning Authorities being consulted. So this sweetener by the developers is not valid.
The Environmental Society is having a great response to its petition against the development. Please sign it. It can be found at various public places in Fairford.
The applicants have provided some more data on over-wintering birds from The British Trust For Ornithology, but Cotswold District Council is still awaiting the extra drainage and flooding information so the application is still on hold.
OLDER NEWS (10th March 2006):
The Public Meeting on 8th March was very well attended with people standing at the back of the hall.The general mood was of passionate objection to the tourist development. It was announced that the application had been put on hold again by Cotswold District Council as more information was still coming in.
The developers admitted that if the houses sold slowly, the construction period could last more than the 5 years stated in their application.
OLDER NEWS (21st February 2006):
The developers have provided more information including a tree survey of the site which is covered by a Tree Preservation Order and traffic impact on trunk roads so the planning process has been re-activated. Objections should be in by 16th March. The overall plans have not changed. Previous letters of objection are still valid, but it will not hurt to write again.
The Town Council has arranged a Public meeting for 7.30 p.m. on Wednesday 8th March in the Community Centre to discuss the development and for residents to ask questions. The Fairford Environmental Society will be presenting their objections. The developers have declined the invitation to present although they will have a representative there.
OLDER NEWS (31st January 2006):
The Environmental Society is giving a presentation to the Town Council at the Planning Meeting on 7th February which starts at 7 o'clock in the Community Centre. Members of the public are welcome although under Town Council rules you will not be able to ask questions. Please come along to hear the facts.
The Highways Agency has lifted the 6 month Holding Directive on the application. The application, however, is still suspended under the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations 1999 while further information is sought eg. about flooding and the ecology. The developers expect the planning process to resume around March/April.
OLDER NEWS (28th December 2005):
Milestone House on the north east side of the application site has been bought by the developers to give them additional access onto the A417. It was a private sale and was paid in installments. The developers must be shown that money does not talk louder than planning regulations.
OLDER NEWS (22nd December):
Presentation Invitation. Fairford Town Council have invited the developers to give the full council a presentation at the next Planning Committee Meeting on Tuesday 17th January. The Planning meeting will start at 6.30 with the presentation at 7 p.m. The general public do not have a public question time in the Town Council committee meetings. Questions can be submitted in writing and will be passed on to Cygnet Investments (as long as they are received early enough to post them to him).
The Cotswold Water Park Joint Committee has 'serious concerns' about the development with regard to the need for another tourist complex as the Claydon Pike Holiday Complex has already been given the go-ahead, the scale and density of the development and the impact on the local highway system among other things.
The Environment Directorate of Gloucestershire County Council objects to the development. The Directorate fails to see how this 'proposal for the development of a green field, rural site' fits in with the Gloucestershire Structure Plan which states that development within the open countryside will be strictly controlled and the 'countryside's character and appearance..... will be protected from harmful development'.
The RSPB has objected as the development could have a 'significant adverse effect on the features of nature conservation importance of Lake 104. The lake is identified by English Nature as one of the most important lakes for wintering wildfowl in the Cotswold Water Park'.
OLDER NEWS (15th October):
Developers acknowledge Fairford exists.
At last the developers seem to have realised that Fairford and its residents exist. A person from Cygnet Investments obtained a copy of the Fairford Forward Action Plan from the Town Council Office last week and attended a Town Council meeting although he did not announce who he was. Why have they not interacted with the local community before?
Gloucestershire County Council's Highways and Environmental Departments have objections to the development.
The RSPB have asked to be officially consulted on the application as they had not been informed of it until The Fairford Environmental Society alerted them to it.
Apparently there is a rumour going around Fairford that if the holiday complex does not go ahead Lake 104 will be turned into a landfill site. This is untrue. THERE ARE NO ALTERNATIVE PLANS FOR A LANDFILL SITE.
OLDER NEWS (30th September):
The Highways Agency have issued an Article 14 Holding Direction against the application for 6 months whilst additional traffic information is sought.
The Environment Agency has objected as it needs more information on the sewage plans and flood mitigation measures as the site is in Flood Zone 3 which is the high risk zone.
Fairford Town Council voted to object to the application at a special Planning Meeting on 14th September.
CPRE, The Campaign for the Protection of Rural England, have objected.
The Fairford Preservation Trust have objected.
The Planning Officer in charge has written to the applicants suggesting that they might like to withdraw the application whilst the further information is gathered.
There is a thick file at Cotswold District Council of Letters of objection from the General Public. Well done everyone! Keep sending them in.
The Gloucestershire County Council Archaeology Department does not object as long as there is 'an appropriate programme of archaeological excavation and recording in advance of the development proceeding...The archaeological deposits may make a significant contribution to our understanding of the archaeology of both the locality and wider region.'

Flooded Land East of Lake 104 - the site of proposed houses

Flooded Land to the east of Lake 104

Handing in the Petition

Petition Against the Development

Views which will be lost

View from the south side of Lake 104
View from the beach on the south side of Lake 104
View from the east side of Lake 104
View from the west side of Lake 104